TC:E Lite Installer (PC) Punk Buster checked @ 17.01.2010
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Author:  $omator [ Sun Jan 17, 2010 8:34 pm ]
Post subject:  TC:E Lite Installer (PC) Punk Buster checked @ 17.01.2010

True Combat Lite Installer for Windows

What is this?
Enemy Territory 2.60b + True Combat .49b + Punk Buster (24.03.2010) archive includes:
File name: readme.txt
File name: tce_lite_win_17012010pb.msi archive file size: 712.98 MB
Checksums generated by ExactFile
2010-01-17 19:04:34
747612187 bytes
MD5: 696d084fd4c55a8e3967646498fb9601


How to install:
3)Run tce_lite_win_17012010pb.msi as administrator (only Vista/7 users with UAC enabled). If you do not have administrator privilages on your account game will install for your account only
4)Chose custom folder to install or use default "C:Program FilesTCE" (recomended)
5)After installation is completed You are ready to play. Game shortcut was created on the desktop by the name of True Combat Elite

How to play:
1)Run the TCE game shortcut located on Your desktop with administrator privilages (only Vista/7 users with UAC enabled)
2)!IMPORTANT!Setup your game (use LAN/CABLE/xDSL and Punk Buster ENABLED setting to avoid most Punk Buster kicks), accept any changes...
3)Chose DEPLOYMENT at Main Menu and double click on server (recomended to sort server list for lowest ping or number of players)
4)PLAY! =]

Advenced game configuration options can be found after hiting "Esc" key and eneterinig OPTIONS menu.

* If you have never have used the PunkBuster system, or get kicked with this message, go to your "pb" folder in the main game folder / on the desktop or at windows startmenu and run PBSVC.exe. Follow the instructions on screen
* This message can also occur if the PunkBuster for various reasons could not be updated. In the directory "pb" located in the main game folder / on the desktop or at windows startmenu you will find PBSETUP.exe. Run it and start update process by clicking "Check for Updates". If you have installed TCE in any other directory then "C:Program FilesTCE" chose "Add Game" - select "Enemy Territory" - in the "game path" set the directory where you have the game installed. Confirm the selection by clicking on "Add Game".

NOTE: Even when you will uninstall the game all files created after the game instalation will stay (etkey,profile,demos,screenshots,paks,logs,configs)





A config file is a simple file which contains lots of important configuration settings about a program, application. Games - like Enemy Territory True Combat Elite - are also programs and they have config files. In case of TC:E the config file is called etconfig.cfg. The most important and the basic one is located in your “tcetest” folder: .../Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/tcetest/etconfig.cfg. The one in your tcetest profie folder (.../Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/tcetest/profiles/yourprofilename/etconfig.cfg) is generated based on the one in your “tcetest” folder.

The et config file basically contains lots of cvars (variables) and their values, binds, notes or else. For example: it can contain a variable whether to show or not the weapon on your screen, or a variable for having a bright screen or not, or a bind to use different weapons. The config file can be easily edited with any text editor program. But be sure you make a backup copy of your config file every time you want to edit, because if you make some mistake, the game might not start at all, so you can always use your backed up confg file.

Tutorials how to make your own config,scripts and autoexec files can be found here:
Creating a cfg file
Creating an autoexec.cfg file and using downloaded scripts
Other basic and advanced tutorials

game vis&audio tweaks: ... eaking.htm

connection tweaks:

script&bind tutorials:

voicechat&colors faqs:

cvar list&commands: ... index.html ... le_b.shtml

other links:

ping/lagometer reading and troubleshooting: ... php?t=3550 ... le&artid=5 ... hp/4085820 ... weak.shtml ... 70122A.pdf ... pic&t=8257

BONUS: HITBOXES IN ET/TC:E ... 19&id=2476 ... ip-report/

Author:  KerrangR [ Wed Feb 19, 2014 6:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TC:E Lite Installer (PC) Punk Buster checked @ 17.01.201

can someone reupload this?

Author:  Dim$tar [ Thu Feb 20, 2014 12:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TC:E Lite Installer (PC) Punk Buster checked @ 17.01.201

KerrangR wrote:
can someone reupload this?

Author:  $omator [ Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TC:E Lite Installer (PC) Punk Buster checked @ 17.01.201

fixed link in op.
installer is missing server list fix.
you know what to do :} :pistols:

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