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Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Wed Aug 23, 2006 9:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Installation Guide

To begin, first check to see if all your hardware drivers are update. Drivers ranging from your GPU's drivers, audio drivers, model drivers, and any peripheral you expect to be using for the game like microphones, specialty keyboards and mice. A directX update is also required although will not be used by the game itself. (optional but recommended)


Next, use disk cleanup and disk defragmenter to clean up and set up your harddrive to ensure optimal performance once installed. (optional but recommended)


Step 1 Installing Wolfenstein Enemy Territory:
Once you have finished downloading wolfet.exe and et_patch_2_60.exe, run the wolfet.exe file and follow on the install instructions (wizard).
(side note: the fileplanet "2.60" install is actually 2.55.)

Step 2 Patching Wolfenstein Enemy Territory:
After the installation, run the et_patch2_60.exe to patch the game. Simply follow the patching instructions (wizard).

Step 3 Updating PunkBuster:
Go to the directory or folder where you installed ET and download this file into a custom folder (any name)
This program will allow you to update PunkBuster much faster than the conventional way. Instructions to run the program are also provided by the link.

Step 4 Running and Configuring the Game:
After updating PB, run the game for the first time. It will prompt you for your desired screen name, and various preferences and settings. Remember to click the "Enable PunkBuster" button. (optional but recommended)

(You can play test WET first if you havent yet)


Step 5 Installing TrueCombat Elite:
Once you have downloaded begin by unzipping the TCE files into the directory where you have WET isntalled. It must create a folder called "/tcetest" in the main WET directory/folder

e.i. If you installed WET in "C:/Program Files/Games/WolfET" then upack the or install the mod into "C:/Program Files/Games/WolfET" not into "C:/Program Files/Games/WolfET/tcetest049"


Step 7 Running TCE:
The installation of TCE should have created a shortcut on desktop and in the programs list. To run TCE, simple use the shortcuts it created or run WET and select TCE from the mods list.

Step 8 Configuring TCE:Similar to the WET configurations, there are some preferences options that you might want to check out and adjust. TCE pulls to capabilities of WET and may make it require a little mor horsepower from your computer.


Step 9 Server Browser:
In order for the browser to show the servers, make sure that i is set to find the list from the "Internet" instead of "LAN". Untick all uncessary filters to ensure that you will get the entire list of TCE servers.


We hope you enjoy playing Wolfenstein Enemy Territory and TrueCombat: Elite. Remeber TCE is still a work in progress and is continualy under development furthering the advancements created upon an aging engine.

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Mon Oct 02, 2006 10:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Updating your Installation to 049

For those updating to 049:

Begin by removing the old TCE installlation and folder.

After downloading the TCE 049 package, depending on which package it is, unpack or install the new tcetest folder into the WET directory where it used to be.

If it does not come with a shortcut, copy the WET shortcut adn rename it to TCE and open its properties dialog box. Once open, go to the target input box and move the cursor to the end and leave 1 space before pasting this string.

+set fs_game tcetest +set seta com_zoneMegs "128" +set com_soundMegs "64" +set com_hunkMegs "256"

Press accept and run TCE through this shortcut.

Adding that startup code is necessary to get Snow and Railhouse to work properly.

Author:  it [ Tue Oct 03, 2006 2:52 pm ]
Post subject: 

also note, if an existing TC:E shortcut is on your desktop, it will work too.

EDIT- you could have just edited the previous post but I would add that the old TCE shortcut doesnt change much.. you still have to include the startup code in the posts above and in the Railhouse and Snow hunkmeg error thread to allow those maps to work correctly.

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