GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem HELP!
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Author:  wisebaby [ Mon May 09, 2011 4:34 am ]
Post subject:  GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem HELP!

GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem

i got that error and i relaly wanna play so someone please help meee

Author:  Baal [ Mon May 09, 2011 5:13 am ]
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My guess would be bad video drivers or you don't have a 3D video card installed.

Author:  Haraldzz [ Tue May 10, 2011 4:30 pm ]
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Baal wrote:
My guess would be bad video drivers or you don't have a 3D video card installed.
He is using intergrated video card.

Author:  Kil [ Tue May 10, 2011 7:50 pm ]
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Stop bloody spamming. You've already made a thread about it with a lot of people already tried to help, don't go making another damn thread.
Though do feel free to bump your old one with any new information you get.

Author:  Alpha Red [ Tue May 10, 2011 9:17 pm ]
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He still hasn't told us what graphics card he has.

Right-click the desktop and go to properties and then display settings. Then name off the graphics card it tells you you are using.

Author:  wisebaby [ Tue May 10, 2011 9:53 pm ]
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i fkn told u already i have a intel family chipset yes it is fckn updated and yes ithe game has worked till i fkn updated to win 7 and do not fkn tell me what do i dont fkn tell u what to do so fkk off if u dont like what im posting then get the fkk out and dont fkn open up this post if u have a fkn problem

Author:  Izuil [ Tue May 10, 2011 9:57 pm ]
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wisebaby wrote:
do not fkn tell me what do

That makes it real easy to help. Troll.

Author:  SnaKeS3K [ Tue May 10, 2011 10:53 pm ]
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hmm actually ignored this since ur first post coz i thought someone else will give an useful answer, i see its still not solved... but then again why should anyone help out after such lovely words^^
in ur words... stop the fcking spamming and google it, took me like 1 min to find several solutions to the problem. tho if u dont know how to work with ur pc and do simple tasks, you might keep on failing..

Author:  Dragonathan [ Wed May 11, 2011 4:03 pm ]
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wisebaby... all you need is the the graphic card's CD/driver, install it then it should work,

Author:  Alpha Red [ Wed May 11, 2011 4:44 pm ]
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Ensure that the card is up-to-date.
That link will automatically detect your Intel gfx card and then tell you if it needs to be updated and will link you to the download.

Author:  Haraldzz [ Thu May 12, 2011 3:14 pm ]
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Updating operating system has always made problems with playing games later. When I updated from Win 2000 to Win XP I had to re-install all my games. If I remember right, you still haven't done that.

Author:  wisebaby [ Thu May 12, 2011 9:52 pm ]
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yes i have updated my drivers and yes i have reinstalled the game and i have found the problem my chipset Grphix card is not supported with windows 7 so i ordered a nice high en expensive Grphix card called EVGA GeForce GT 430 1GB HD card. i will get it by next week so it should b no problem!


i wanna say thx to all for them gr8 comments that could have helped me i appreciate it

Author:  Craterus [ Fri May 13, 2011 1:14 am ]
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I think I said that... I had the same issue with my old Intel GM965 (on Core 2 Duo), but a driver update resolved it (I think it was when Windows 7 came out of Beta or RC). So some Intel card work and others don't... have fun with the new card I'm sure you'll like it. Now I have a Nvidia 330M and the difference is amazing.

Author:  wisebaby [ Sat May 14, 2011 5:45 am ]
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oh yah deffly dude i lagg like a lil on some games but dude when i get my card i wont lag and its gonna be fast but yah updating did not work :( but i was already getting a card anyways so i gues its idk perfect timing lol

Author:  Logan6 [ Thu Oct 31, 2013 1:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem HELP

delete your .cfg files, and let the game make new ones.

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