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Author:  Diane [ Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:46 am ]
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An ftp has been created and details have been given to Coroner. Please contact him for the information (or he will contact you... whatever :P ) Thanks!

Author:  |2oss® [ Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:50 am ]
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Thank You Diane! :D

Author:  Stealth [ Sat Sep 15, 2012 12:15 am ]
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I got some important questions, haven't seen anyone on mIRC or Xfire.

Author:  |2oss® [ Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:55 am ]
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Hey stealth sorry i missed you. I won't be on until Saturday night. Email me if you want at the email ill pm you.

Author:  Damien [ Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:32 pm ]
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I took a few days for an extended weekend so I can't be online most of the time but am working on porting snow, it's going well. There is going to be a bit more work than simple retexturing, some broken brushes are to be fixed but no bigger problems.

Author:  Dim$tar [ Sun Sep 16, 2012 7:53 pm ]
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Guys I'm real sorry but at the moment i can't map, i sneezed the other day and well... and i quote what the doctor told me 'herniated disc' its very hard to use radiant with one hand, Its not that i couldn't do it at all, but its very painful, I'm moving about like a retarded snail at the moment... Damn im getting old


[EDIT] If anyone wants my village files to carry on just ask.

Author:  |2oss® [ Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:35 am ]
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Delta is almost fully textured. Found some doors in game that wont let you walk through em unless you crouch. Will have to fix some of them. My guess is that Delta will be done (basics as coroner specified) by end of this week. If no one wants to pick up on Village I'll be glad to pick it up and work on texturing it for the time being. I'll start working on it after Delta is in testable shape and approved by Coroner.

Currently just waiting on Kil to email me his finished/scaled (if needed) side of the map.

Author:  coroner [ Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:54 am ]
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Thanks for the progress reports :).

I am still at Favela but progress is slower as expected, damn why did we decide for MWTC to have other scale than Cod4? Would have been so much easier.

I have rotating ceiling fans working now. I have to migrate the code for that from map script to the mod script to make it easier for mappers. Animated trees are not possible since the animation code for models is not working in Cod 4 Multiplayer. I have other ideas how fake moving palm leaves but I will postpone it.

I have to make some finishing touches in mp_tc_backlot and I have prepared a sample map.

Big question is at which state to go public. Maps should be at least on par with Cod4 I guess, otherwise it will be a huge show breaker. Ppl wouldn't accept that we sacrifice the many existing Cod4 maps for a few "ugly" ones. On the other hand to go public with Cod4 scale maps will cause huge problems at a later transition.

Author:  Stealth [ Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:57 am ]
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I was thinking the exact same thing Coroner. If all we do is rescale and re texture we are kind of catering to our existing community rather then to both. I mean, we should really go the extra mile and keep the COD4 tradition of mapping. I'm not suggesting we spend years on our maps. Just make them a tad bigger and better then what they are now.


No info on the repository yet? Coroner?

Author:  Damien [ Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:46 am ]
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I agree but still think map's gameplay should be at least internally tested. That way, if there are bigger layout issues they can be fixed right away, before the final detailing stage.

Author:  |2oss® [ Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:07 pm ]
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I think it should go like this:

Finish texturing the maps we want for initial release. (Alpha, probably closed)
Rescale any doorways/windows that need be. (As specified by coroner)

Once this process is done MASSA will host a private server for us on COD4 where we can go and test the maps. During the tests we will find areas that need to be changed/fixed.

From this step fix the gameplay issues.
EX: On new Delta mid roof is extended all the way out toward the former ladder that was used to climb up to the windows/grasses. This will be a major issue in SD because its too easy to go bombsite A by running out of windows and just straight over mid roof. Fix: clipped railing?

After we have map layouts setup properly to where we feel gameplay will be tactical and competitive we can begin working on the 2nd most important aspect of any map: Eye Candy!

I've already went in on delta and changed 2 or 3 things to show a possible 'modern' update. The maps cannot look like their timeless. They need to be updated to modern standards. (Sliding doors? Fans, AC's, Modern laps/lights. etc)

For now, lets focus on finishing our texturing/scaling and add a few models to make it decent when we test it. When we test it we'll need atleast 10 players for a scrim scenario.

Author:  coroner [ Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:16 pm ]
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I completely agree with Ross.

Nothing more than retexture, some models and scale adjustments of doors/windows. Then closed alpha server. Anything else might be wasted time if it has to be redone later.

As a sidenote: The overall map dimensions are very much on par with Cod4. Snow, e.g., has its roots in Q3. I compared the layout and overall dimension of Snow and MW Backlot and MW2 Favela (my recreation based on the minimap image) and Snow fits COD. Maps will appear larger in COD because player models are smaller.

Also in agreement with Stealth, it can't be the goal to specifically appeal to the old fan base only.

Author:  Diane [ Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:06 pm ]
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Hidden group made.

Coroner, you can add who you want in there by going to the below link and adding people into that specific group (you will know it when you see it).

I also can add members, but I am unaware of who all is actually participating - so just give a shout out, or wait for coroner to add you :)

Author:  DennerBR [ Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:33 pm ]
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Since that discussions of team will occur on a hidden forum, I would like suggest that Coroner (or any of the guys) update the working status of team in weekly way for the community to follow progress of work (it can be in Coroner's blog). It may be important to keep liveliness or to attract the attention of the old fan-base.

Author:  Diane [ Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:41 pm ]
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that is a given.

I'll be keeping this thread public, but locking it because internal mapping discussions will be done elsewhere.

Look out for updates soonish :)

If you would like to contribute, let us know by posting on the forums or sending a private message.

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