[Weapons] Primary Weapon, Only one by Class?
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Author:  zyth23 [ Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:22 am ]
Post subject:  [Weapons] Primary Weapon, Only one by Class?

Hello there,
I'm an Old Player of ET:W TC:E, I played since 0.49 for few years.

And I'm realy happy to see that TC isn't deffinitly Dead.

I tested yesterday the 0.221 of MWTC, and I got some questions.

There is more classes than in TC:E, but there is less weapons =/
I realy liked the way we could choose between many weapons on each class on TC:E, that made the strategy even more fun.
I remember the importance to choose the right weapon to win a match according to the rest of the squad, the map and the opponents.
Specificaly as Marksman, only one Sniper Rifle is hardcore.

The M21 of the "SpecOps" has a fire rate hardly lower than the L96A1 of the "Terro".
On TC:E we had R93 for "SpecOps" ans an equivalent with the SR-8 for "Terro", they had a not so different fire rate which made it balancing.
(By Fire Rate I count the Reload time between each Shoots as well)

There are other "unbalanced" fire rate between same classes of the MWTC sides.

However I actually only tested the weapons on a solo server to check all the weapons, not against players / bots. (my server list is empty when I try to look for servers =/ )

So My question is: "Will there be some multiple choice of Primary Weapon for each classes like it was on TC:E?"

Kind Regards, Zyth (aka Spetsnaz)

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