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Small Update, WIP & Wallpapers
Monday 19 June 2006 @ 17:50 EDT

I know what you all have been thinking... frequent updates for a few weeks and then silence for over a month! What's going on??????

Here is the lowdown (in the full story): ...

You may have noticed our weapons screens haulted after the unveiling of the remodeled SIG552. There is a reason for the abrupt stop. Around that time, our main weapons modeler left our team to pursue other interests. While internally testing the final weapons pack, we noticed several glaring errors to all of the weapons. We, unfortunately, were not in possession of the entire weapons sources, so several dev members took the task onto themselves to fix them (and fixed they have become).

Basically, that explains the lack of weapons updates. As things have been corrected, expect to see more screens in the future.

As to the progress regarding the rest of the development, quoting Liquid from the forums: "The development rate has slowed down a bit lately due to our commitments outside of this project. We're quite close to packing it up for a final testing phase, however I can give no estimate in time when we will do so."

Although the overall development rate has slowed down, several members have taken it upon themselves to prep for the next version of TCE (0.50). Below are some WIP screens from Liquid (previously seen on's forums) and a WIP of the much anticipated G3 from Bruce.

In preparation of our upcoming community wallpaper contest, check out some official TCE wallpapers made by the one and only Bruce.


Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

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