HUD Legend

This is the icon representing the Terrorist team.
Spec Ops
This is the icon representing the Spec Ops team.

1. Lower Left Side
Left to right:

Shows the stamina you have remaining. Running, jumping etc. require and use stamina. Resting or walking will restore it.
Shows the damage you have sustained, also indicates what body part was effected. The colors run white for excellent health through yellow orange and red, respectively.
Indicates your current posture: standing, crouching, or prone.

2. Lower Right Side
Left to right:

If you're on the bombing team AND you have the bomb, an icon appears to the left of your fire mode. (Terror Only)
Indicates your current fire mode (weapon dependent) Includes : Full-Auto, Burst, Semi-Auto and Pump.
Magazine Icon & Ammo
The left icon indicates an ESTIMATE of the ammo remaining in the magazine currently in you weapon. The right icon indicates the number of magazines you have in your possession for the weapon you currently have in your hands.

3. Compass Icons
These indicators appear on your compass:

Location of objective "A".
Location of objective "B".
The bomb has been planted at this objective, Spec Ops must defuse; Terror must defend.
Bomb Dropped
Shows the location of a dropped bomb if carrier has been killed (Terror only).

4. Other Hud Elements
Various icons appear in the center of the hud to indicate certein actions can be performed:

1) Indicates that a weapon on the ground can be picked up and swapped for your current weapon [depress the "use" key to pickup]
2) Indicates that a door can be opened or closed [depress "use" key]
3) Pick up bomb, when it has been dropped [depress "use" key]
Indicates that something can be climbed. Pipes and ladders are the most common [press jump and hold the forward key to go up, the down key to go down]
Bomb Icon
Indicates that you are in the proper place to plant the bomb near the objective. [depress "use" key] and a timer will appear HOLD the use key till planting is complete. (Terror Only)
Defuse Icon
A pair of wire cutters will appear when you are close enough to an armed bomb to defuse it. [depress "use" key] and a timer will appear HOLD the use key till defusing is complete. (Spec Ops Only)

Mini Mods

TCE minimods TC:E offers three totally independent gametypes with separate UI's (which from now on will be referred to as TC:E Mods).

Each of these mods, being Objective, Bodycount and Capture the Flag (based on Reinforced Objective game logic), share TC:E's realism core engine and art assets.

TC:E's development is focused on the Objective mode - with all aspects dedicated to tactical realism. Along with our to-scale mapping and the to-scale realistic movement speeds, we hope to offer an unique and outstanding gaming experience.

Armament Availability

The "Armament Availability" (AA) system is a rewards system, based on individual player preformance (no buying weapons! Yay!). What makes it somewhat unique is that it doesn't offer greater advantage to the more skilled player, only greater variety in available weapons.

At the end of each round your score dictates what your AA points will be for the next round. When a new match begins all AA points are reset.

To explain how the system actually works, lets begin with Coroner's explanation:

"During a round, the AA level equals to the number of the current round modified by the following simple rewards/penalties:

Score Typical Situation AA Modifier
< -3 Teamkills, Poor Performance -2
< 0 Killed in Action, No Objective, No Kill -1
0 Average Performance 0
> 0 Objectives Accomplished, Survived 1

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