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UPDATED: Public Beta: Sound Test for Weapons
Friday 20 July 2007 @ 12:37 EDT

Our sound guru, Airon, has put together a weapons sound package for us to test out! ...

Basically what you have to do is copy the pk3 file into your "tcetest" directory and go nuts!

However, in order to test online, a server must permit it, i.e. the server is set to "pure" and the official flag is set, this cannot be used online. Some servers do permit this though. If you can't find a server that allows it, never fear; you can still test it solo!

To download the test, click here. Included in the download is a .zip file which contains the weapons test .pk3 file and a readme. Please read the readme as it has a lot of important information!

Any suggestions or comments should be directed toward Airon on either TC.US's Development Discussion forum - or on the official one.

UPDATE: Sound Test posted here:

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

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