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Official TCE Third Party Map Depot
Friday 05 February 2010 @ 21:05 EST

After months of preparation and grunt work (thanks merlin), we are pleased to present the Third Party Mapping Depot right here on the TCE site! ...

What is the Map Depot?

The Map Depot (and no, we aren't talking about the MAP Depot *wink*) is a place where our fabulous community members can showcase their maps - and give the community a place to download them... all in one spot!

detailed view of a map

I have 3rd Party TCE Maps!

Great! If you have them - we want them! If you are a mapper, you can easily upload your map to the TCE website - along with several screenshots and a description.

If you have an account at the TCE forums - then you have an account at the Map Depot and are free to upload all of your maps (and you can edit the map description/screenshots for your own uploads).

It's important that you carefully read the requirements for uploading maps on the Submit Map page - as we have some restrictions.

submission form - anyone can upload!


Below are some features we've added to the Map Depot:

  • Maintained by 3rd party mappers - so you don't have to wait for some site admin to update their download page, etc.

  • Mappers have control over their submission - if you upload a map... you can always edit (or even delete) the contents of it.

  • Rating system - members can rate maps positively (+) or negatively (-) based on their experiences

  • And more! - browse the Depot to see for yourself!

map previews (editing functions only for submitters)

Where can I find the Map Depot?

The official TCE Third Party Map Depot (and the obj map Depot *wink*) can from now on be found in the following places:

  1. TCE Downloads Page

  2. Link on the Third Party Development category on TCE forums


We need your help!

We've tried to add as many custom maps as we could - but we know we are missing a lot!

If you see a map missing on here - and the mapper is mia/inactive - please, please, please take the initiative and upload it here!

Thank you to everyone who is still contributing to/playing the game to keep it alive!


Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

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